Friday, December 23, 2016

Odysseo Gives Back for the Holidays While in SoCal #Odysseo

Odysseo Holiday Give Back - Holiday Show

Deserving Families in SoCal Experience Cavalia's Odysseo!

We love Odysseo, but when I heard that the show was putting on a Holiday performance for about 500 deserving families in SoCal, I just about cried. 

I am a huge fan of this amazing show and fall even more in love with a production when as a whole they are so thrilled to do something like this and go above and beyond giving back to each city they stop in. 

Overall Odysseo is brilliant and spectacular rolled into one.

I was so grateful to be able to attend this special mini show of about 55mins. It was perfect for my son too who is on the Autism Spectrum as there was no intermission just back to back entertainment that kept my little 4yo in awe. 

Best part about the experience aside from the show itself, the stable tour, yes the stables! It is something special to see these beautiful horses up close and personal. They each have their own unique personalities just like the performers do too. 

There is a special bond and connection to the artist and horse - the love and care they have for one another and I am so glad that over 500 others were able to experience seeing this connection on and off the stage!

Huge SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to the whole production of Odysseo - Amazing people and animals!

Creator and Producer of the Show!

If you did not get to see this masterpiece please follow them on social media to see where they are traveling to next.  #Odysseo #Cavalia +Cavalia #OdysseoOC

I hope to catch them again soon... really is my favorite live performance ever, not only cause it is so captivating but because each member of my family from 75yo down to 4yo (with special needs) was able to fully enjoy it. Heart FULL! 
Those Faces!

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