Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Captivated by Aiden Sinclair on The Queen Mary - A Must See Performance of Illusion, Magic & More...

Happy Haunt Season SoCal!
Illusions, Magic & a possible spiritual connection on board The Queen Mary?!
Aiden Sinclair's "Illusions of the Passed; Legends of the Queen Mary, A Theatrical Séance!" is as captivating as it is audience interactive.
Thanks to The Queen Mary and Aiden Sinclair for having me out to opening night preview. I loved it.

My sister-in-law and I have been excited about this evening for quite some time, it was her first walk on board the historic ocean liner, the Queen Mary.
The legendary Queen Mary is going to be home on select tonight's starting Friday September 14th to this master magician and operationist named Aiden Sinclair.
We traveled back in time through all of the iconic Queen Mary legendary stories in a theatrical séance.

Aiden truly has a passion for the past interacting with the present and a positive way.

Aiden brings this Interactive experience in the brand new Revenant room, which by the way also includes two bars, during a 90-minute extraordinary performance.
The thing I loved most about the 90 minutes we spent with Aiden was that he got to know most of us in the room a little bit by bringing us up on stage and including us in his performance. It is really something to experience on hand in person and with The Illusionist himself.
I was in awe as I stood on stage and a KEY turned in my hand out of nowhere - it was brilliantly amazing for me to be part of.

I have attended a few magicians performances as well as Illusionist shows as of course most of us all have, but the difference between Aiden and most of these, is that he has a 7-year deep connection traveling and collecting what he feels most connects one positively with magic illusion and séance.
He reminds us that séance was once a way that most people connected and had closure with loved ones who had passed. Once this was tried, uncovered and people try to expose the negative nature that could be, the magic and illusion behind things sometimes gets lost but what you want to connect with on a personal level never does.
We can honestly say we enjoyed the show and would love to attend again because we were so captivated by his commitment and honesty to the love of what he does. Aiden is truly a great performer.

After the show we were able to chat with Aiden and discover a little bit more about him personally. It is very interesting to get to know the main man behind the magic if you know what I mean. It's also a once-in-a-lifetime experience to ask somebody where the heart and soul comes from for what they do and the passion behind how they love to entertain people.
I'll Drink To That!
I wanted to share some of the amazing Libations that are available in the all-new Revenant room.
I myself tried the absinthe aka "The Lady in White" and my sister-in-law had a few of the amazing "Drop of Lavender".

At $14 each the drinks are unique, tasty and there must be some magic going on cause I was lured in for a few.... and I loved each one.
Also available - Wine and Beer. There is something for everyone to enjoy on the spirits side of things.
Hopefully you can all have a chance to experience the Queen Mary's partnership with Aiden in this all new experience. VIP tickets are $55 per person general admission is $40 per person and if you are a hotel guest it's $35 per person. More info here!
Hot tip if you want to visit the Queen Mary and just check out the all-new Revenant room you can also attend during hours of operation as long as there is not event going on. The Revenant room is located on bedeck forward on board the Queen Mary. But while you're there I would totally suggest checking out the theatrical sounds with Aiden Sinclair.
While I hope to one day stay on board The Queen Mary herself, this experience brought us closer to the history, the spirits that may be and gave us the opportunity to be open to new experiences on board this wondrous ship!
Happy Fall Fun planning... this was perfect for a girls night out, sisters night out, and I would totally return with my husband for a date night.

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