Friday, October 11, 2019

First Time Visit to Knott's Scary Farm with My Tween! Did She Cry? Maybe.... #scaryfarm #knottsscaryfarm

Knott's Scary Farm is Back for Select Nights Through November 2nd!

Thanks to Knott's Berry Farm, last week I decided to give in to my tween and take her with some of her besties to Knott's Scary Farm....

Let me back up and give you some history.
When I was 12.5, in 7th grade I was taken to Knott's Scary Farm after a few years of begging. Keep in mind this was 1992 and things were a bit more timid back then.
My daughter found out a few years ago, watched me cover the amazing event and has been asking to attend since.
I told her when she hits the age I was allowed to go and she feels ready after watching my videos... I'll take her.
That was last week.

So I have to admit that I was so excited to see these girls scream and get a dose of reality check but they held their own.
Their top 3 favorites...
1. The Carnevil Clowns. They must have walked that scare zone about 8 times and loved every moment of it. I really feel like it was a fun side to scary.

2. The Mazes. They got though 6 of them. By the time we got to Infected I could see they were a bit on edge. Half way though my daughter looked like a ghost and at the end had a tear in her eye. I asked her is she was okay. She said.... "mom, all the mazes have been fine, it's fun scary... but... infected could possibly happen and the zombies weren't stopping, so I realized that if it was reality I wouldn't survive, I got no head shots and just ran until I was cornered..." I couldn't help but laugh then I hugged her, told her in reality I would call her dad to help us and he would take care of it. Then we went into more scare zones!

3. The Sweet Treats. They ate ice cream sandwiches and drank specialty drinks, sipped on boysenberry punch & stopped into the candy shop for more. They had so much fun looking around at all the haunt foods that ate only available during Scary Farm!

Bonus. They rode the rides they wanted to but their favorite was Hangtime and two of the girls had never ridden before. All while screaming and laughing their way through scare zones.

What I loved about their first visit to Knott's Scary Farm...
They laughed, screamed, held me, stayed close, cried a tiny bit and loved every moment about it.
They all want to go back like ASAP.
Their happy faces of trying something they have been building up in their heads as a scary thing and loving it was the best to see.
Each challenged a fear.... zombies, roller coasters, clowns and we defeated them all laughing, running & riding together.

Best mom moments are these kinds of memories.
Double Bonus.. visit early in the season for less crowds and think about fright lane passes or the combo later in haunt season.
I would suggest over the age of 12 mature or 13 and possibly reviewing videos of mazes... here are a few of mine. Video of maze. Video of maze 2. Video of the girls first visit recap.

The purpose is to be scared and freaked out and they do a frightfully great job so be prepared.
They also have a Haunt Season Pass and a Boofet (at the Knott's Berry Farm Hotel) you can add on too for all you can eat yumminess, a meet and greet with monsters and allows you early entry!

Happy haunt season all!

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